Slidin’ Slim & Eric Hansson Bio

Slidin’ Slim and Eric Hansson both surfaced on the Swedish blues scene during the mid-90’s and, without knowing about each other, they shared the same passion for blues and roots music and were equally determined to dedicate their lives to the music they loved. 
When Eric found most of his inspiration from the great british blues masters of the 60’s and made a name for himself playing the clubs in Stockholm Slim was obsessed with the slide oriented blues from Mississippi delta and traveled the backroads of the Swedish countryside to hone his chops.

It didn’t take long for them both to become household names through relentless touring playing every blues joint and festival there was on the fast growing Scandinavian blues circuit. Thanks to critically acclaimed album releases they gained equal respect from both critics and fans and slowly extended their touring to both the european mainland and USA.

The story of the duo of Slim & Hansson began in 2008 when Slim played a club in Eskilstuna Sweden and the club owner suggested that it would be a great idea to book an evening with the two together. Well aware of Eric’s capacity, after seeing him several times at different festivals, Slim said yes and contacted Eric who wasn’t a stranger to give it a shoot. 
It took less than a song to realize that their mutual energy and intensity on stage hit bullseye and the evening was not only a musical success but they also found common ground off stage. 

With Eric touring not only with his own band Eric’s Bluesband, but also doing gigs with major players like the legendary Mats Ronander, Allen Finney, Alan Haynes and Clas Yngström and Slim’s hectic schedule with solo blues work, tours with harmonica star Jimmy Z (Etta James, Rod Stewart, Eurythmics) and the very successful project DEAD SOUL the duo had to settle with a few gigs every year around Sweden and abroad. 

But, finally, in 2015 the will to work together made them find a way and song writing sessions began with the goal of entering a studio as soon a possible to make an album. 
With 10 brand new songs and veteran musician/producer Surjo Benigh behind the wheel and with the best backing band possible (Surjo playing bass, Kjell Gustavsson - drums, Janne Pettersson - keyboards, Micke Fall - harmonica and Micke Stenberg - backing vocals) in place recording began at Jugglo Walls organic studio early 2016. 

The album with the appropriate title BETTER LATE THAN NEVER is  tour de force of roots music at its best. Great songs, top notch playing performed live in the studio with a warm but edgy production perfect for the music. With other words; a solid documentation of what Slidin’ Slim and Eric Hansson is all about.

There’s no question about the fact that Slim & Hansson with this new album under their belt will find ways, in between their regular solo careers, to share their music with as many as possible. 
Anything else would be a shame.